Unlock Amazon's Gated Categories!

We will help you open the "Big Three" restricted categories of Grocery, Health & Wellness, Beauty!

Are you struggling to get into one of Amazon's "Big Three" gated categories?  Maybe they don't like your invoices or have problems with your pictures or files? If this sounds like you, read on!

Online Sales Step by Step's Ungating Services* Offer:

  • Proprietary step-by-step instructions on what you need to get accepted in Beauty, Health & Wellness or Grocery.
  • Apply without invoices!  Our approach for private label brands means no more looking for sources and buying unwanted inventory!
  • Review of your materials before we submit them to Amazon for you.  Follow through to make sure you are accepted. 
  • Guaranteed acceptance!  Follow our steps and we guarantee your acceptance or your money back.

Expand your selling options with Amazon today!
*Please note:  This is for private label brands only, not for wholesale sellers.


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We charge $500 per category and offer bundle pricing of $1,000 for all three.  Make your choice below.